Eco-Friendly Furniture

At Quatrine Custom Furniture, what goes into our designs is just as important as what shows on the exterior.

Not only do we create each product with great style and designs, but we also use the highest quality of sustainable materials to ensure safety for you and the environment. We are proud to display the CertiPUR-US® certification on our sofas, sectionals, chaises, benches and chairs.

Who is CertiPUR-US®?

CertiPUR-US® is a program that tests, analyses, and certifies furniture manufacturers that use flexible polyurethane foam in their cushion materials. Flexible polyurethane foam is:

Why Is This Important?

Without this certification, there is little to no way to test what is inside your furniture. Today, over 80% of all furniture sold in the United States is doused in toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, autism, and learning disabilities in children. Fortunately, there have been strides to ban these harsh chemicals. In the beginning of 2015, a new law was passed that states, “It is recommended that all flame retardants be taken out of furnishings manufactured in the United States as of January 2015, but not mandatory.”

Our Standards

As a California furniture manufacturer, we have not only embraced this new law, but implemented it an entire year before it was mandatory. Despite a lengthy and expensive process, we complied as soon as possible because we are committed to bringing not only the most functional custom furniture we can into your home, but furniture that will keep you and your loved ones healthy as well.

At Quatrine, we are continuing to make sure our products are completely family and environmentally friendly with the CertiPUR-US seal. Of course, the overall look and feel of any piece of furniture makes an enormous statement in your home – and now you can be sure that our products offer luxury and comfort on the inside – and out.